10 Reasons to be a member of the Chinese Business Chamber (CBC)

  1.  Networking: As a member of a chamber with 300 odd business people and professionals, connect and get to know members who are useful to your business or career. Participate in Job Talk to learn about others and for others to learn about you.  Meet interesting influential people (Government leaders, business leaders) at the highly popular and visible Annual President’s Dinner. The guest of honour is normally the President of the Republic or the Prime Minister.
  2.  Skills Development: Develop and enhance your leadership skills by running for election as a Board Member or project management skills by volunteering to serve as a Co-opted Board Member or as a member on one of the Board Committees.  This is particularly beneficial to younger members.
  3.  Briefings: Enhance your knowledge by participating in our regular talks on highly interesting and topical subject matters, eg the Government Budget, How Government works, specific industries, careers talk, etc.
  4.  Agreements:  Tap into the network of overseas Business Chambers, Friendship Associations, Committee for Promotion of International Trade, Chinese Organisations, etc. The CBC has agreements with multiple countries and organisations.  These can be very useful for seeking business and professional opportunities.
  5.  Visits: Meet interesting leaders from the various organisations mentioned above (from China, Asia and Africa) who come to visit the CBC to renew friendships, brief us on business opportunities and are looking for business opportunities. Participate in CBC visits to various countries where one gets the opportunity to meet leaders of these organisations, with the same purpose.
  6. Business Angels:  Enjoy the support of a panel of experienced professional and businessmen who will mentor and advise you on your business start-ups and who may provide you with capital if your business start-up is interesting!
  7. Professional Support:  Enjoy professional advice on various subjects, eg law, accounting, finance, IT.  This is particularly relevant for SME’s (small and medium enterprises) and will be at preferential CBC rates up to a fixed number of hours.  Professionals are also encouraged to offer their services and participate in this scheme.
  8. Lobby:  Enjoy the support of the CBC in representing your interest with the MCCI (Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Municipalities, Government Ministries and relevant bodies.  Having the collective voice of the Chamber is very effective.
  9. Discounts: Enjoy advantageous discounts negotiated by CBC for its members, eg Air Mauritius, Apollo Bramwell, DHL, Canal Sat, Emtel, etc.  More to come! Details are on the CBC Website.
  10. Make a contribution to the Chinese Society: Gandhi once said be the change that you want to be! If you want to promote something that is important to you, come and bounce your ideas to CBC. You will have various advice and you may find followers in your idea.

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