CBC Members Benefits – Professional and Consultancy Advice

Dear CBC Members,

In a spirit of solidarity for our members, it is with great pleasure that the CBC is launching this new service for our members.

If you are facing some issues/problems or you simply need some advice, the CBC may help you by putting some resource persons at your service.


Me. J. Tsang Mang Kin (Barrister)

Me. E. Tong Sam (Barrister)


Mr James Ho Fong (Chartered Accountant)

Mr Ah Vee Li Chung Fong, (Chartered Accountant)


Mr Tin-Yuen Yong Kwen Chong

Mr David Tin Shouk Fong

This offer is valid till end of current mandate and may be withdrawn at any time by the CBC or the Professional/Consultant. Advice is non-binding for the member with the Professional.

If you have any issue/problem in any other areas, we will be happy to help you find a Professional.

Please contact Tin-Yuen Yong Kwen Chong for the coordination. Email technodistribution [at] orange [dot] mu, cell no 5-259-0238


​Compliant CBC Members​ are entitled to a complimentary first meeting with preliminary advice for ​1 Issue​/Event​. It will at the discretion of the Professional/Consultant to provide discretionary additional service free of charge.​

​Do note that other services can also considered like Notary, Career Advice, Overseas Organisation Trip​, Translation, Financial, Investment, Advertising and Brokers service among others.

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