Immediate past president (IPP) message – Mr James Ho Fong

MESSAGE of Immediate past president

I feel very privileged to say a few words on our sixth edition of the Chinese Business Chamber Directory.

My initial reaction is to express my deepest gratitude to all the previous Managements lead by the Past Presidents and founding members for their dedication.

My two years mandate has been high on many fronts. The key highlights are:

  • younger generation and mixed gender Board and Co-opted members
  • regular Business Forum / Talks on subject of interests
  • increased Membership Benefits
  • continuing Networking sessions with Overseas delegates
  • continuing Networking sessions with Ministers / Authorities / Embassies
  • promotion of the Chamber through the Media
  • representation of the Chamber in Overseas Trips and continuing annual overseas trip
  • increased Memorandum of Understanding with Overseas Chamber counterparts
  • collaboration with Hua Lien Club continuing Family Day
  • Annual President’s Dinner

These two years have been eventful but the Chamber was well supported by its Board and Co-Opted Members as well as its dedicated Members. A special thanks to the mixed gender Board and to the younger generations with their enthusiasm, creativeness and innovation.

I wish my successor all the best and ensure him of my continuous support during his mandate.


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