Message of CBC President Mr Laval Leong Son

On behalf of the Chinese Business Chamber, its members and our Board members

Welcome !

As I enter into my first year as President, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities the future will bring for the Chamber and the businesses which the Chamber serves. I am so proud of the Chamber’s accomplishments thus far and the important role we play in supporting and enhancing our local businesses.
The Chamber has amazing value ! Your Chamber membership not only entitles you to a lengthy list of direct benefits and services for your business, it links you to the communities we serve and opens the door to relationships you won’t find anywhere else. That’s really what the Chamber is about – building relationships . Our Chamber will continue to support our businesses and communities. By working together and joining hands to create a successful and purposeful business climate , we can move forward and prosper.

From Ambassadors visits to networking events and talks, the Chamber has been the organisation local businesses have turned to – in good times and in the tougher times such as the one we are currently admidst. I personally look forward to working with you to support both businesses and our community.

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