The Chinese Business Chamber hereby informs its members that the CBC Board has appointed Ms Delphine YEUNG SIK YUEN (杨绮年) as board member.

Below is the updated CBC Board:
• President ONSIONG Lee Meng How 李孟浩
• Vice President KON KAM KING Antoine 管安东
• Secretary TO CHOI WAN Jerome 杜 书 梁
• Assistant Secretary YOO FOO Peter 李 瑞景
• Treasurer YONG KWEN CHONG Tin Yuen 楊定源
• Assistant Treasurer KOON KAM KING David 管汉雄
• Member TZE SEK SUM Patrice 谢文攻
• Member HO FONG James 侯金
• Member CHITSON Franky 彭梁
• Member YEUNG SIK YUEN Delphine 杨绮年

Best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Lee Meng How Onsiong

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