New elected Members – AGM held on 30 March 2017

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform you that, following the annual general meeting of the Chinese Business Chamber held on the 30 March 2017, the chamber has elected the following members to represent the association and undertake the responsibilities as such.


President: Mr. Eddy TONG SAM, 李存昌          

Vice President: Mr. Tony AH YU, 志达

Secretary: Mr. Franky CHITSON, 彭梁

Vice Secretary: Mr. Peter YOO FOO, 李 瑞景

Treasurer: Mr. Antoine KON KAM KING, 管安

Vice Treasurer: Mr. Tin Yuen YONG KWEN CHONG, 定源


Board Members:

Mr. Jacques TSANG MANG KIN, 曾繁国

Mr. James HO FONG, 侯金

Mr. Jerome TO CHOI WAN, 

Ms. Delphine YEUNG SIK YUEN, 杨绮

Kind regards,


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