Visit of courtesy to Mr. Ken Poonoosamy CEO of Economic Development Board on Tuesday, 02 May 2023 at Ebene

The CBC had a courtesy meeting with the CEO of the Economic Development Board (EDB), Mr. Ken Poonoosamy, at their new office in Ebene, on May 2, 2023. Mr. Poonoosamy was delighted to receive the CBC delegation and emphasized his commitment to promote fluidity and to attentively listen to the concerns of CBC members. During the meeting, the President of the CBC, Mr. David King, mentioned that the CBC was celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and outlined its mandate. Mr. Poonoosamy invited the CBC to participate in a delegation to Japan and to engage discussions with them on which sectors to prioritize for development. 

The CBC also raised concerns about permits required for overseas labor and discussed the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy. Mr. Poonoosamy shared that he recently attended the WAIFC Board of Directors summit in London and offered insights on collaborating globally for sustainable growth. Lastly, Mr. David King mentioned an upcoming CBC trip to Malaysia and Sarawak as part of its strategic initiative and extended an invitation to the EDB to accompany them.

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