Flash news meeting with Minister of Commerce

On 31 January, the CBC met with Honorable Dorine Chukowry, Minister of Commerce. The following is some of the problems raised with the Minister. The CBC has followed with a report and suggested solutions to each of the problem.

  1. Customer Preferences: We addressed the issue imported products vs of local ones. It’s crucial to protect our local industries. We also explored the possibility of establishing a fund to assist local enterprises by providing access to consultants, similar to the HRDC refund.
  2. Consumer Protection: We discussed after-sales services and repairs in the motor trade industry. Ensuring consumer rights and satisfaction is essential.
  3. Leveraging Free Trade Agreements: We emphasized the need to take advantage of existing free trade agreements to boost production. Additionally, streamlining the process for obtaining manufacturing licenses in Mauritius was discussed.
  4. Insurance Compliance: We proposed that insurers handle compliance issues on behalf of insurance brokers, aligning them with their own agents.
  5. Support for Local Manufacturing: To enhance competitiveness, we suggested providing concessions and incentives to locally manufactured goods. This concept is akin to HRDC grants for professional courses based on levies.
  6. AFCFTA Participation: We explored strategies for Mauritius to actively participate in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) by contributing value-added products and services.
  7. Export Hub: Lastly, we touched upon using Mauritius as an export hub, including discussions on intellectual property rights and price control.

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