Moka Smart City and Savannah connected countryside

ENL Group hosted a presentation for the Chinese Business Chamber Mauritius to showcase their property sector with special emphasis on the commercial properties for rental and for sale. The group’s flagship property area, Telfair, is applying for a leaf certification from the USA, indicating its eco-friendliness and durability. Foreign nationals are also welcomed to purchase ENL properties.

In property development there are 3 features that come to the forefront and they are location, location and again location.

Indeed Moka being strategically situated between two motorways and having a population that is 40% active with 50% purchasing power of Mauritius makes it prime acquisition to the keen and astute property investor. According to ENL Property, their properties have experienced a 310% increase in value over the last 12 years which comes to no surprise since the island surface area will not increase in size and therefore its prime positions will more than undergo a normal escalation. To top it all, Moka smart city will soon boast itself of being abundantly connected with uninterrupted 5G capability. So work, live and play in Moka is a true adage.

ENL Property presented their upcoming project, Savannah Countryside, a smart village. It is indeed another integrated project with its schools, shopping areas, cafes, restaurants, gyms. A vibrant ecosystem at its very best and only 20 mins from the beach and near to the highways. Only one hour drive to the north. Amongst many others, ENL Property boasts the development of Balise Marina in Black River, Bagatelle, one of the most popular shopping malls, featuring 7,200 solar panels. All to say that the ENL Group is factoring the ESG factor to the very best, has sensors connected recycle bins, devotes approximately at least a third of the land for the landscaping amenities especially in the new expansion of Moka Smart City, sheer lungs of the city and sure to lower the air temperature in the neighborhood of its new boulevard stretching from Telfair to St Pierre and in whole Moka.

The new Moka Smart City boulevard itself, is earmarked to be a prime site conducive for ideal work environment as everything that one may need, be it fast internet connection, good logistics, transport, restaurants, cafes, hairdressing and shops, all at one’s doorsteps. Moka Smart City, the vibrant city will be animated 24/7. Bring on the good life!

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